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Tomoya AomoriTomoya Aomori | MYO Coach

Internationally renowned Tomoya Aomori is a multi-talented musician who is a highly experienced Bassist, Percussionist, Pianist, and Composer. Through his vast knowledge and experience of both Jazz and Classical music, Tomoya strives to integrate the two aspects in a unique innovative approach, in hopes to break the boundaries of musical genres. As a Bassist, Tomoya was the 1st place winner at the International Society of Bassists Young Bassist Competition. He is currently the Assistant Bass teacher at Juilliard Pre-College, and an Adjunct Bass Professor at Queens College. Acclaimed by the New York Times as an “excellent marimba player”, Tomoya is a frequent sub with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and the New Jersey Symphony as a percussionist. He has played various Percussion and Marimba concertos with the Juilliard Orchestra, New York Classical Players, Children’s Orchestra Society, and The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York. Tomoya Aomori is a graduate of The Juilliard School, where he completed both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as a double major on Percussion and Double Bass. Tomoya is also the creator and founder of playthe5bass.com, where he promotes the advantages of the 5bass, a Bass tuned in 5ths. www.tomoyaaomori.com

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