July-19,-2014---Shanghai-[Final-Concert-Lobby-Photo]After breakfast we headed toward the Nanshi area of Shanghai and the Yu Garden. Built inside the Old Town area, this garden was originally built and owned by a government official. Its opening gate is quite unassuming but inside are expansive water and rock gardens. It would be very interesting to visit but the number of tourists shuffling through it made the experience a bit daunting. We had some time to visit the many shops in the Nanshi area and to get lunch. After lunch we returned to the hotel to change and proceeded to the Lyceum theatre for a rehearsal, dinner out and our final concert in the evening.

The concert audience exceeded the number of seats available (680) and the chorus and orchestra were given many ovations. Afterwards the musicians went into the lobby to meet audience members and to have photos taken. It was truly a wonderful last concert and a fitting end to a tremendous tour.