Volunteer with MYO

Thank you for your interest in becoming a MYO Volunteer! Volunteers are an integral part of our organization. With hundreds of students at each rehearsal and concert, MYO would not be able to run the events smoothly without the help of our volunteers. Volunteers assist with rehearsals and concert events during the season.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Member check-in at rehearsal and concert venues
  • Distribution and recollection of sheet music
  • Rehearsal space set-up
  • Rehearsal space break-down
  • Chaperoning during concert events
  • Other tasks as assigned

Interested in becoming a MYO Volunteer?

Please call the MYO Office at 516-365-6961 or email admin@myo.org if you are interested in volunteering. Thank you!

MYO Volunteer and Staff at Carnegie Hall