Previous Tours

MYO Tours are open to members 8th grade – 12th grade, and MYO alumni. For nine of the past eleven years MYO members have toured Hungary, Italy, Austria (twice), Spain, Greece, Germany, France, Poland, England, Scotland, Wales, China (twice), Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.  During every tour the orchestra performs before large and enthusiastic audiences. The experience of traveling and concertizing cannot be matched by any other summer activity. The depth of understanding that our MYO members receive from visiting the people and the cultures of the world is without comparison.

On China’s Great Wall – July, 2001
In Sydney, Australia – July, 2007
Outside Beethoven’s Apartment in Heligenstadt, Austria – July, 2005
In Athens, Greece – July 2004
Atop Mt. Etna, Sicily – July, 2004
Paris, France – July, 2005
Friends Forever! in China 2006
On The Great Barrier Reef, Eastern Australia – July, 2007
At the Chopin Academia, Warsaw, Poland – July 2005
Great Friends!
It Spells MYO!