The Leventhal FamilyA place for our souls to soar

MYO is something we adore

Meeting new friends is such fun

Working together we are all one

Lines and dots on a page

Turned into music on a stage

The Conductor’s baton waves in the air

Giving the performance a special flair

Vibrations fill the room

Emotions begin to bloom

Because of Jackson, Duggan and Fox

The MYO organization really rocks

Volunteers round out the team

We all work together to fulfill our dream

Thank you to our family and friends

It makes us so happy when you attend

To those who performed in the show

We would like to say Bravo

What does MYO mean to me?

Join us and you will see.


The Leventhal Family (Sarah and Hanah Leventhal)

Sarah Leventhal, Soprano, Nassau Chamber Chorale

Hanah Leventhal, Cello, Nassau Symphony Orchestra