Harry PetropoulosFor the past two years I have been a member in MYO as a percussionist. I have looked forward to every practice knowing I would learn something new and exciting. Each practice helped me develop techniques and deeper knowledge of my instrument and how it works with the rest of the symphony. I have always been a percussionist but never with such devotion as I am now.

Last summer I traveled to China with a group of MYO musicians. The trip was absolutely amazing, from the scenery to the culture to the performances. I met musicians my age who were just as passionate about music. MYO was able to make every moment memorable, interesting and educational. This was one of my most valuable experiences. MYO has not only helped me mature as a young musician but also as a person. Meeting young and professional musicians and playing in front of live audiences has given me more confidence. Scott Stickley, our conductor, has been an inspiration to all of us, always pulling out our best as performers to reach greater heights as musicians. MYO has made me a better percussionist and musician. I strongly recommend joining MYO. It is a musical experience which should not be missed by any passionate musician.


Harry Petropoulos, Percussion

Nassau Principal Orchestra 2015