Katlyn SmithMy name is Katlyn and I started playing music when I was six years old. I was so very happy when I auditioned for MYO and was accepted as the youngest ever to join the orchestra at the age of seven. One of the great things about MYO is that I get to play with great conductors and talented children of all ages who are dedicated to what they love doing the most, learning and playing music. I could not believe the reaction from my teachers and fellow classmates at school when I told them I was going to be on stage at Carnegie Hall in third grade. My dad told me that when you travel to other countries and play music, you don’t need to speak their language; they will love you for your music, the world’s international language. Think what the world would be like without music to bring back your favorite memories. I love that I have many more years in front of me with The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra to play challenging orchestra arrangements, make friends and to do what I love the most, play music.


Katlyn Smith, Violin

Suffolk Concert Orchestra 2015