Olivia Tang

MYO has been an amazing journey for me throughout this year. I’ve learned so much about being passionate while playing the cello. Not only have I learned to play musically, but I’ve learned to work together with the rest of the orchestra to create incredible music. This was my first year in the Nassau County String Orchestra, but certainly not the last. I enjoyed every single second of our rehearsals, and I learned so much about what it takes to be First Chair. I gained much more confidence each time we performed on stage, and I appreciate Mrs. Sobolewski so much for building up every single person in our amazing Orchestra. We would’ve never been the same without her. I am so honored to be in MYO. Not any memory will ever replace the fun and excitement I’ve had this year! Thank you very much MYO!


Olivia Tang, Cello

Nassau String Orchestra, 2023