Days One and Two – Travel and Arrival in Berlin

Guten Tag! Welcome to the first official MYO Europe Tour Blog. Today’s blog covers July 3rd (our travel day) and July 4th (our first day exploring the beauty of Berlin).

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Day Three – Museums and Our First Concert

Wow! Today was yet another crazy day in Europe on the 2018 MYO Tour. The day started for most members somewhere around 7:30 AM when we met up for breakfast in the lobby of the hotel. A gorgeous buffet complete with breads, croissants, fruits, bacon, eggs, cereals, and of course a (to die for) cappuccino

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Day Four – Dresden and Concert Two

Guten Tag everyone! We greatly apologize for the delay, we know a lot of you rely on the blogs to keep up with family and friends. The hotel we stayed in during our visit in Dresden had very spotty wifi and we could not send this blog post to Mark Carr, MYO Media Specialist, until

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Day Five – Terezín and Prague

Today we’re in Prague and apparently they say “Ahoj” (pronounced ahoy) instead of hello. Therefore, Ahoj blog readers! This morning began back in Dresden with a wonderful breakfast spread where I ate croissants, bacon, and rolls. Are you noticing a trend yet? After breakfast, chaperones checked the rooms and we began our journey to Prague!

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Day Six – Prague and Our Third Concert

Hello everyone! Today was yet another spectacular day in Europe on the 2018 MYO Tour. The day began with a call time of 8:15 AM in the lobby of our Prague hotel. Once everyone was accounted for, the bigger bus groups split into smaller tour groups for the day of about 25 tour members. We

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Day Seven – Final Day in Prague

WOW!!! It’s officially one week into our tour and the time is going way too fast. Today was our last day in Prague which means we have visited ⅗ of the cities on the tour. Most people on the tour are incredibly upset that today was our last day in Prague. Everyone has absolutely fallen

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Day Eight – Traveling to Vienna

Hi everyone! Today was a busy day for those of us on the MYO 2018 Europe Tour. We met up with chaperones and friends for breakfast somewhere between 7 and 7:30 AM, and by 8:00 AM rooms were being checked and people were heading down to the lobby. Our groups were assembled for a headcount

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Day Nine – Vienna and Concert Four

Hello everyone and welcome to your virtual tour of Vienna! I’m totally kidding, but I hope through this post I can give you a taste of the tours we had today in Vienna’s city center.

The MYO tour members’ day began at 7:00 AM or so for a breakfast buffet in the lobby.

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Picture of the Belvedere Palace in Vienna

Day Ten – Final Day in Vienna

Good morning everyone! Today is our last day in Vienna and I am truly devastated. I have absolutely LOVED Vienna and everything it has to offer.

This morning began with a tour of the Vienna State Opera House.

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Day Eleven – Haydn and Budapest

Today we left Vienna at 8:15 AM. Most of us were sad to leave, Vienna has been such a wonderful place to visit and our concert at St. Stephen’s has by far been one of our favorite performances as MYO members.

On our way to Budapest, we made a stop in Eisenstadt

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Day Twelve – Our Final Concert

Hello, everyone and welcome to my recount of our first full day in Budapest, Hungary. After last night’s river cruise, I could not wait to get the day started. Breakfast at the hotel was complete with a waffle station and loads of croissants. The day officially began with a bus tour of Budapest. Our first

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Day Thirteen – Auf Wiedersehen!

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe today was the last day of the MYO 2018 European Tour. This truly has been a life altering experience and I owe so much to the people at MYO for giving each and every one of us the opportunity to experience so much culture, make so many memories,

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